Standing tall and dignified under a magnificent grey-blue sky, sits the legendary Boulevard Saint-Germain. An epicentre for fashion-lovers: filled with chic boutiques, postcard-perfect hotels, and elegant eateries - forever ensconced in rich 19th century Haussmannian architecture. The perfect forefront to our Boulevard Saint-Germain Collection, a love letter to a landmark that speaks of romance and élégance. A dreamy ‘boulevard-come-true’ for those in favour of the haute Parisian life.

Our plan? A campaign with a twist of French mystère, beyond the side streets, curious passageways, and beautifully curated bars. To instead, cultivate a shoot that evokes ‘a day in the life of a French actress’, and the joy one can glean from life’s simple pleasures.

And what would a parfait collection be without its main attraction? Cue French actress, model, and muse Dorcas Coppin, who exudes an alluring amount of confidence and an infectious sense of humour beyond the camera lens. Where she aims to take our team on her own romantic jaunt – in a vintage Citroen 2CV convertible to be exacte. Dressed in sartorial splendour à la Française: in a tightly fastened Quilted Velvet CoatBengajean® Panelled Skinny Jeans, and Black and White Houndstooth Baker Boy Cap. Enveloping us in her zestful energy by spreading her arms out boldly and shouting, “Bienvenue!” to our team of delighted creatives. Ooh, la la!

The meaning of life for a romantic Parisian? Is Dorcas herself, as she sits down at Café de Flore and sips her cup of coffee through our photoshoot. Seemingly indicating that happiness is instilled by filling one’s cup of joy – by watching Parisian life go by. Here she does this to a ‘T’ in a cushy laissez-faire ensemble: featuring a cream-coloured Cable Jacquard top, Deep Violet Mohair Blend Knit Cardigan and a burst of Cinnamon in a Corduroy Skinny Leg Bengajean. Her pièce de resistance? A matching Multi Colour Border Scarf. Embodying a feeling of ‘sunny optimism’, she leads the team through the array of impeccable window displays and intricate gift stores that suddenly make an appearance. Teaching us that the mere appreciation of a handmade card or a small piece of costume jewellery designed by a local French artist, is what makes life truly beautiful. Mais, oui!

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Our last stop? An ornate appartement: drenched in a fragrance of fleurs, King Louis style chaises and turn-of-the-century fabriques. Where Dorcas shines in a Silk Tie Waist Dress with an antique-style floral print – a nod to the French upholstery stores found along the alleyways of our beloved Boulevard Saint-Germain.

As the sun slowly fades, and a gentle light weaves its way over this enchanted city, our tour de force closes in on the romanticised view of a French actress’s life. As Dorcas gazes wistfully out of a majestic gold-leaf window, she is resplendent as a lady-in-waiting, lipstick-and-all, perhaps for her next rendezvous, perhaps not. Nevertheless, Dorcas succeeds in immersing us into the heart and spirit of the quintessential French woman - as she ponders her life of joie and where it dares to take her next...