Enter the French-inspired world of Blue Illusion and discover our latest fashion stories through the lens of our fortnightly L’Édition. Celebrating fashion, lifestyle, and community, the magazine offers an inside look at the brand and its current collections with a unique curation of styling tips, French lifestyle stories, travel guides, interviews, recipes and more.

Issue 92


Explore our latest L'Édition, showcasing the luxurious comfort of our L'Hiver collection - where vibrant pops of colour promise to illuminate your winter armoire beautifully.

Issue 91


Usher in France’s liberté with our 'Bastille Day' collection, a fête of all-things-French. Featuring a patriotic palette of rouge and ink, our just landed Bastille collection creates the French-inspired wardrobe you’ve been waiting for.

Issue 90


Brimming with the vintage-inspired charm of our Brocante collection, our latest L’Édition takes its cue from the exquisite detail of French antiques. Your invitation to the next chapter of ourChâteauLife journey awaits!

Issue 89


Immerse yourself in the world of French artistry with our Artisans L'Édition. From luxurious detail to a palette that says 'amour', this beautiful collection is si romantique!

Issue 88


Discover our latest L’Édition, brimming with the vibrant hues of our latest collection, Tapestry— a bold celebration of the textures, opulence and elegance of Château living.



Immerse yourself in our latest L'Édition, autumnal cosy hues and feminine silhouettes against the breathtaking backdrop of an  authentic French ChâteauMais, oui!


Merci, Maman

Celebrate the special women in your life with our exclusive Catriona Rowntree Mother’s Day collaboration. Discover feminine wool knitwear crafted from Australian wool and premium cashmere, parfait for keeping your loved ones warm et chic through the season.

Issue 86

The French Table

Come together at 'The French Table' and indulge in an edition of L'Édition filled with vibrant, feel-good style! Our newest collection beckons you to embrace slowing down as the days grow shorter, encouraging you to savour moments with loved ones. Discover easy-wear, easy-care garments, on-trend silhouettes, and the timeless elegance of French-inspired fashion that never fails to captivate us.

Issue 85


Enter the world of Ateliers— the next chapter of our Chateau-inspired season, and discover the intricate detail, femininity, and unparalleled elegance of its namesake collection. Our latest L'Édition invites you to evoke the essence of sophistication and refinement, ensuring that you embody the epitome of style with every step you take. Ooh la la!

Issue 84

Voyage au Château

Our latest L'Édition invites you to discover our Voyage au Chateau collection, an autumnal selection of styles that will transport you to a feeling of French lifestyle at its very best. Luxe fabrications tell a story of fashion and amour, in an issue that will inspire your armoire this season.

Issue 83


Our latest L'Édition invites you to discover the first chapter of our Autumn Winter 'Château Life' season: Dreamers, inspired by those bold enough to make the Château dream a reality.  Get ready to embark on a season of storytelling that delves into the very best of French living. Mais, oui!

Issue 82

Champs de Fleurs en Provence

From breezy dresses adorned with delicate blooms to timeless leather pieces, our latest L'Édition captures the essence of Provence's flower fields and infuses it with contemporary élégance.

Issue 81

Plateau de Valensole

Bienvenue à the latest L'Édition! Introducing our beautiful new collection, "Plateau de Valensole." Bursting with whimsical florals and effortlessly chic silhouettes, it's an invitation to adorn yourself in the sweetness of a life well-lived. Join us for a spirited journey through style and sophistication as you discover the new issue now.

Issue 80


Elevate your professional wardrobe as we unveil the essence of workplace sophistication in our Workwear L’Édition. From feminine details to structured, elegant silhouettes, our latest offering est ici to carry you through the workday en vogue!

Issue 79

L'été Dans Les Alps

Introducing our artful L'été dans les Alps collection, our latest L'Édition is a discovery of fantastique florals, artistic prints and understated stripes for a season of perfect style.

Issue 78

The Anniversary Collection

Blue Illusion celebrates 25 years of joie in our latest L’Édition: The Anniversary Issue. Dive in now to discover the l’histoire of the brand, the passion of our founders and a timely collection where sequins, prints and our most iconic silhouettes take center stage.

Issue 77

Jardin des Plantes

Designed to brighten the senses, our Jardin des Plantes L’Édition indulges in vibrant colours paired with luxurious fabrics. Read it now to discover a collection comprised of garments crafted to offer Parisian refinement to your everyday summer style.

Issue 76


Be enchanted by our latest collection, where ultra-feminine style meets sophisticated silhouettes, floral prints are abundant, and joyful dressing is most definitely on the menu. ​Oui, oui!

Issue 75


Our latest L'Édition captures the mystique of Corsica in summer. An invitation to bask in the feeling of French Island vacances, the inspired collection features tropical prints and delicate embroidery that embody relaxed femininity. Luxury fabrics like silk and linen blends add elegance to a must-have summer collection. Plus, we've included our guide on how to summer like a Parisienne. Parfait!

Édition Spéciale

Nathalie Lété

Joyeuses fêtes...Read our latest L'Édition and discover a family tradition to make your own with our exclusive Nathalie Lété Festive Collection. ​From Nathalie's whimsical designs to our cute-as-a button children's PJs, this collaboration will add a sense of wonder to holiday mornings. C'est si bon!

Issue 74


Our latest L’Édition takes inspiration from Matisse’s famous prints and unique use of colour. Modern and free-flowing silhouettes nod to Matisse’s status as a pioneer, while silky fabrics flatter the feminine figure, a central motif in his art. Read now and discover a bright créatif collection, designed to offer a fresh boost of joi to your wardrobe.

Issue 73

Eau De Parfum

In Eau de Parfum, we uncover the essence of France’s famous aromas and reimagine them through bright florals, soft, feminine silhouettes, and delicate detailing. Lively colours contrast with moody, complex tones to unfold the many layers of femininity against a backdrop of lightweight and enduring fabrics. This collection was designed to offer casual elegance and botanical notes to your spring wardrobe!

Issue 72: Gauguin's Tahiti

Bienvenue à Paradise! Our Gauguin L’Édition salutes one of Blue Illusion's most beloved post-Impressionists, Paul Gauguin himself. In this issue, we uncover the inspiration behind the collection, where eclectic textures, crochet, and patchwork prints mingle with harmonious hues reminiscent of the rich landscapes of French Polynesia. Plus, get to know the magnifique location of this campaign, Paronella Park, and its romantic history in our editorial article.

Issue 71: Picnic in Provence

As we continue our ‘saison des célébrations’, celebrating 25 years in retail, take a séjour in the beauty of Provence, the setting of our newest range. In this collection, Cobalt Blue and a bold Dusty Rose embody the vibrant Provençal hues, softened by Cream and Icy Pink for that delicate feminine touch. A nod to the carefree delight of picnicking, floral prints and artfully reimagined gingham are set on a backdrop of flowing silhouettes blossoming like spring flowers.

Issue 70: Claude

A stunning celebration of colour, our ‘Claude’ issue of L'Édition looks to Monet himself for inspiration.  Experience the graceful silhouettes and pretty-as-a picture palette of our latest line, created to carry you into the warmth of spring en vogue. Plus, this week, we take you behind the scenes of our latest print with artist Camilla Cicoria and designer Stephanie Tan.

Issue 69: André Le Nôtre

Our latest L'Édition has landed. Celebrating our 'André Le Nôtre' collection, the new issue offers inspiration for spring dressing. Plus, you'll discover our insider's guide to the most beautiful jardins in France.

Issue 68: La Viennoiserie

‘La Viennoiserie’ launches Blue Illusion's SS’ 24 saison des célébrations, as we proudly reach the milestone of 25 years in retail. This latest collection finds its inspiration rooted in the iconic history of 19th century Viennese baker, August Zang, who famously brought the croissant into French culture. Join us, and celebrate the sweetness of life with a line that shines— in mint hues, vibrant florals and clean blues. Magnifique!

Issue 67: La Dame à la Licorne

Inspired by the enigmatic 16th century tapestries of the same name, our 'La Dame à la Licorne’ collection draws from the intricate ‘mille-fleurs’ of the tapestry series, evoking an aura of medieval mystère. From luxurious fabrics to feminine staples to rich velveteen pieces, this masterpiece collection weaves a delicate thread of romance and refinement.

The Travel Issue: Catriona Rowntree

Be uplifted by our special L’Édition: The Travel Edition and you’ll be ready to book a flight to the destination of your dreams (in perfect style, bien sûr!). Plus, discover our French Experience’s trip to France and for a chance to holiday with Catriona Rowntree and Creative Director Donna Guest.

Issue 66: Bastille Day

Usher in France’s liberté with our 'Bastille Day' collection, afête of all-things-French. Blending harmonious hues with regal romance, our latest range turns heads with its luxurious sateen Toile De Jouy design. Playful pops of periwinkle, blanche and dusty rose evokes the elegant spirit of the classic French femme for elevated winter style.

Issue 65: Rue de Bretagne

Inspired by the vibrant spirit of Rue de Bretagne, our latest collection of the same name is a unique discovery, celebrating the art of antiquité with a touch of savoir-faire. From standout abstract prints in a vibrant trio of hues, to moody silhouettes in wool-blend fabrics of inks and noirs – Rue De Bretagne is here to share the idée: that there is beauty to be found in the treasures of yesteryear.   

Issue 64: Rue Lepic

Inspired by the lively bohème culture of Rue Lepic, our latest collection of the same name is a masterpiece in itself, capturing the allure of old-world charm with a touché of feminine flair. From standout floral prints and floaty textures to vivid blues and moody violets – Rue Lepic is a statement of play with bedazzling finishes echoing the lights of the Moulin Rouge.

Issue 63: Avenue de l'Opéra

Our latest L'Édition invites its reader to Avenue de l’Opéra— the place where towering Haussmann buildings stretch out to meet the grand figure of l’Opéra Garnier. Inspired by the iconic boulevard, our namesake collection is edgy, sophisticated, and comme toujours, crafted in luxury fabrics for first-class comfort.

Issue 62: Boulevard Saint-Germain

Discover our latest L’Édition, a feast of fashion and history that celebrates the rich history and dazzling nightlife of Paris’ most enchanting boulevard – Boulevard Saint-Germain.  And just for you, we’ve included our insider's guide to the area. We guarantee this issue is one you won’t want to miss! 

Issue 61: Rue de L'Abreuvoir

Imagine strolling up a picturesque winding street in Montmartre - where at its peak - sits a famous pink eatery, La Maison Rose – a historic ‘home-away-from-home’ for many well-known artists, including Picasso. Such is the setting for our new féminin collection, echoing a lush pink palette and touchés of tweed and velvet that speak of old-world romance. A warm invitation - to explore life’s sweet, sweet pleasures.

Issue 60: Rue Saint Honoré

Bienvenue à Rue Saint Honoré. A fashionable street full of l’histoire - where modern chic and old-world charm meet. A thoroughfare brimming with awe-inspiring decadence - where mothers and daughters can walk arm-in-arm, dressed in vivid colours and textiles in ageless designs and luxe fabrics à la mode – celebrating Mother’s Day in true Parisian style.

Issue 59: Rue Chanoinesse

Have you ever strolled down an unexplored street and discovered a hidden gem? That is the feeling of Rue Chanoinesse. Explore our latest collection, a love letter to the soft, natural greens and purples of this street's rare and lush fleurs.

Issue 58: Rue Montorgueil

It's time for a stop at the iconic Rue Montorgueil. A bustling street in the heart of Paris with no shortage of bars and restaurants, its vibrancy and relaxed glamour has inspired our newest collection. Delight in the stunning autumnal prints and colourful styles in the latest issue of L'Édition!

Issue 57: Place Vendôme

Bienvenue à Place Vendôme! A hub of high-end boutiques, jewellers and hotels, experience le luxe parisien of Place Vedôme through our new collection. See how we’ve paired premium fabrics with elegant silhouettes to bring a touch of French-inspired luxury to your wardrobe in the latest issue of L’Édition.

Issue 56: Rue des Barres

Transport yourself to Rue des Barres, a quiet, hidden street in the ever-bustling Le Marais. Be inspired by the rich colours & draping silhouettes of our latest collection plus explore our brand new but forever classy workwear capsule. Allons-y!

Issue 55: Rue Crémieux

Join our journey along the cobblestones of Rue Crémieux to the charming macaron-hued houses that inspired our newest line. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the delightful treats that perfectly express l’esprit Français.