'This is my fourth year with Blue Illusion, and I have really enjoyed working with this team. There is a strong family culture in the team, and it is a place where female leadership is highly valued and supported. Donna Guest, the company owner, Creative Director, and CEO, is a visionary woman who is not only business savvy, but also has a passion for giving back and supporting the community. There is always something new happening in Blue Illusion and I am grateful to be a part of this creative and ever-evolving company.'

- Stephanie Tan, Senior Design Manager, Head Office

Come Work With Us …

We are a French-inspired fashion brand that inspires our Francophile community with a unique boutique-shopping experience dedicated to celebrating a woman’s joie de vivre. By helping her curate a look and style that’s uniquely her own!

'I love the comradery within the store. When I come to work it feels like I'm working with my extended family. I have a great boss and enjoy the open communication we all have here. I have a sense of belonging and love working in this positive culture.'

- Tanya Gilmour, Assistant Store Manager, Merivale

Our Values…

At Blue Illusion, we are more than just a maison of fashion. Our purpose is guided through our three pillars of Fashion, Lifestyle and Community, that are instilled company-wide, filtering down to our customers.  

Fashion … we are committed to designing elegant, French inspired garments that are made from ethical means, with an emphasis on natural fibres, such as French linen, organic cotton, silk, and wool, that stand the test of time.

Lifestyle … we immerse our customers within a très chic Francophile lifestyle that inspires the senses, and that celebrates a woman’s individuality, her joie de vivre and her passion for life.

Community … we believe in the power of improving the lives of others around us who face poverty and a myriad of other challenges. Therefore, we action this with in-store community fundraisers and exclusive collaborations. We maintain a strong commitment to both our local and global communities and encourage you to do so as well.

‘I feel a sense of belonging, I enjoy working beside my team and with the other managers, I feel respected as an employee.’

-Lynette Partridge, Store Manager, Wellington