Bienvenue to Our Upcoming Season - Château Life: A French-Inspired Fantasy

You’re invited to embark on a journey through style, with our upcoming Autumn Winter season ‘Château Life’ - inspired by the bold dream of acquiring, restoring and living in a French Château.

Follow along as we unveil a narrative collection inspired by life in an authentic French château and the women who’ve made that rêverie a luxurious reality. This season will focus on le meilleur de French living, landscape, architecture, food styling, home decor, and more, featuring magnifique content with some of the leading French creators in these spaces.

“Those daring enough to purchase and renovate a French château have always intrigued and inspired me. Not just because of the heightened romance in Château life, but because it’s a full immersion into the very best of authentic French living.”

- Donna Guest, Blue Illusion co-founder and CEO

Our newest collection, "Dreamers", will launch as a narrative following a newlywed couple as they embark on the adventure of their lifetime. The story encapsulates the glamour, excitement, cultural immersion and, bien sûr, the style of building a new life in a historical French château while dressed head-to-toe in the latest Blue Illusion designs.

The upcoming collections move from "Dreamers" to "Voyage au Château", where our campaign moves from dream to reality, all the way through to a final celebration at "Bastille Day". Throughout the season we see our châtelaine’s showcase collections with luxurious textures, delicate details, and rich palettes, all inspired by the beauty of French Château life, and all captured at an authentic chateau on location in France.

As part of bringing this season to life, we’ve collaborated with Fashion illustrator Nicole Onslow and animator Conor Donahue to tell the story through an exclusive animation we can’t wait to unveil.

This season will encompass the joie de vivre we treasure in French culture through reimagining a lifestyle of refurbishing and caring for the property, hosting gatherings, becoming a part of the local community, enjoying local cuisine and wine, immersing oneself in nature, exploring creativity. The possibilities are endless!

The narrative form also captures the joie de vivre of French-inspired designs and how - for us - they’re about not only creating beautiful, timeless clothes but also curating the story of our own lives, a story that we can pass on for generations.

We’re thrilled to embark on this new adventure with you. On y va!

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