We all come back to Mum’s sense of style.” - Catriona Rowntree

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Fabrienne is a writer who spends her time between New York City and Tokyo. She regularly contributes to Blue Illusion’s fortnightly L’Édition and has a deep admiration for all things French, cultivated during her time studying the language and living in Nice.


One of my earliest memories of the joie of dressing up is watching my mother put makeup on with curlers in her hair and the scent of Dune by Dior wafting through the bathroom—still my go-to fragrance. So many women, I’m sure, can relate to this experience of looking to their mother as their original style icon. That’s certainly the case for Catriona Rowntree, Getaway host and travel extraordinaire, who collaborated with us to create a luxurious line of knitwear to spoil Mum this season.

Celebrating three generations of women, Catriona modelled the collection alongside her
mother, Heather, and niece, Georgia, proving that irresistible charm is a family trait.

Générations de Style et de Féminité

“We grew up loving fashion in our family, so taking part in this collection has been a thrill.” - Catriona

The Sydney native shared that her Maman was not only a model but also a major inspiration for the collaboration. “Mum contributed to this collection from go to whoa,” she tells us, “as I tend to talk to her 100 times a day. She adores colour, beautiful quality, and above all, practicality.”

“I’m a great believer in retail therapy.” - Heather

Also a mother of two, Catriona revealed that the chic féminité on full display in this collection has been in her family for generations.

“All the women in my family tend to dress in a very feminine style. My grandmother, Nan, was also my ‘go-to’ for what to wear, be it on camera or special occasions.”

“You guys just always dressed beautifully, colourful, fun, always warm, always happy. Everyone says about my mom, as well, that she just lights up a room when she walks in, and I think a lot of that can be attributed to what she wears—and her smile!” - Georgia

The Wonders of Aussie Wool

This exclusive collection is a beautiful hommage to family deep into its fibres. Catriona’s husband is a farmer of Australian wool, used in our Mother’s Day knitwear as well as our previous collaboration featuring a stunning Boiled Wool Jacket.

Catriona’s pride in her Aussie wool comes not only from its comfort and quality, but also from its sustainability, offering a gift for Mamman that you can feel great about.

“Unlike man-made fibres that don’t break down, wool will, in time, evaporate (and fertilise) into the earth. It’s also breathable, fire resistant, stain resistant, durable and just feels darn lovely.”

“Wool informs my life every single day, and I will fly that woolly flag until the cows, I mean the sheep, come home. Love our wool so much.” - Catriona 

How Catriona Spends Her Mother’s Day

Catriona has only one request for Mother’s Day this year: “Breakfast in bed and to feel the love of the children I created and put on this earth! No biggie.” This classic Mother’s Day ritual is a tradition in her family that she hopes to continue this year, likely dressed to impress in our Winter PJs featuring the gorgeous floral print created by renowned French artiste, Nathalie Lété.

Merci beaucoup, Catriona and company for sharing your timeless style, infectious joy,
and bold colour with all of us. Bonne Fête des Mères to you Catriona and Heather, and to all of the incredible Mamans, merci!

P.s. Be on the lookout for one of Catriona’s porte bonheurs (luck charms), woven into all her collaborations for added je ne sais quoi. Each charm draws inspiration from famous French figures.

For instance, Coco Chanel, who admired wheat for its representation of abundance, sustenance, and the cycle of life (featured in the lining of the Boiled Wool Jacket). Or Napoleon who adopted bees as a symbol of his empire, appreciating their diligent work ethic, orderliness, and industriousness. These symbols continue to thrive in French culture today.


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