“Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved making
anything into a celebration.” - Chyka Keebaugh

As we continue to celebrate twenty-five years in retail, we caught up with Australia’s favori homemaker and unstoppable businesswoman, Chyka Keebaugh, to also celebrate 4 years of ongoing collaboration together!

“That was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life” Chyka gushes, reminiscing on our first collaboration, A Life in Color, with Iris Apfel. The partnership started when Chyka was on her way to Morocco and received a call from Blue Illusion co-founder and CEO, Donna Guest.

“I was like, 'There is no way I’m missing out,’” Chyka said, “I’ve always loved Iris, I’ve always thought she’s a complete and utter legend, and to have the day with her shooting that campaign in her amazing apartment. It’s still one of the best experiences.” To this day, people are still shocked when she tells the story. “And I know Donna just sort of thought about it, and then she made it happen, a bit like the trip to Paris that we just had. She’s amazing at getting things done.” Chyka refers to our latest collaboration, Chyka in Paris, that launched this week!

In Paris, Chyka takes us to her favourite spots while styled beautifully in the collection’s monochrome Kelly-Green ensembles. When asked, “Why green?” Chyka replies, “I think it’s a colour that looks good on everybody and makes you happy. I love looking outside the window and seeing it’s spring and all the new growth. It makes you look forward to hot, balmy nights, wearing a beautiful flowing dress or a great pair of palazzo pants, and having a cocktail in your hand.”

Chyka’s Style Tips On How to Wear the Collaboration

“What I love about the three different pieces is their versatility,” Chyka tells us.

She describes the Cotton Silk Embroidered Dress as “a comfortable, easy summer dress that you can wear with a beautiful pair of heels, or casually with sneakers or a sandal.” She says, “It’s a beautiful piece that you don’t have to do anything to. Just put [it] on with a pair of great earrings, and you’re dressed up and ready for a great day.”

For Chyka, the Pleated Wide Leg Pant and Cotton Silk Blouse are her absolute favourite. “Because that is how I would dress twenty-four-seven. I love matchy-matchy. But if you’re someone who wants to add a pop of colour in there and wear a hot pink pair of shoes or wear a bright yellow handbag with it, that would also look fantastic.”

She encourages everyone to wear these pieces as a chic base to express their personal style. “It’s something you can keep in your wardrobe, and you will wear over and over. It’s trans-seasonal.”

Although Chyka says she will likely wear the Pleated Wide Leg Pant and Cotton Silk Blouse to a Christmas cocktail party or lunch with a friend, she also believes there is no ‘right’ occasion to wear this collection. Chyka’s philosophy is that you don’t need an excuse to wear beautiful clothes. “People always say to me, ‘Oh, but I don’t have anywhere to wear it. Yes, you do. Whether you’re going to the supermarket or your kid's concert, whatever you do, why not dress up?” She asks.

For this collection, getting dressed up also has the potential benefit of connecting you with others. “Colour resonates with people.” Chyka shares. “Whenever I wear colour, people always smile or say, ‘That’s the most beautiful colour.’ They don’t do that if you’re wearing black, navy blue, or grey.”

Chyka Shares Her Joie de Vivre

“I’m really honoured to be a part of the Blue Illusion family, I think Donna has created an extraordinary business where she knows her clients so well, and I feel such joy when I see people wearing one of the outfits we’ve collaborated on together.”

Chyka’s Go-To Paris Destinations

Chyka leaves us with some of her favourite Paris rituals.

● Drinks with Bruce at Bar Hemmingway in the Ritz Hotel
● Shopping at Le Bon Marché
● Hunting for gems at the Flea Markets

For Chyka, the Paris brocantes are about the hunt to find that hidden treasure amongst everything—the piece you know no one else will have. “To me, that’s what makes a home, having beautiful pieces from your travels.” When her son recently moved abroad, she told him, “Buy a little something special from wherever you go. Because it’s so nice to look at a piece and remember where you bought it, it’s a way of starting the storytelling of your life.”

Merci beaucoup, Chyka, for the past few years of creating joyful clothes for our community. We’re looking forward to many more!

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