A mother is the woman you look up to. The one who guides you and listens to you as you share your thoughts and feelings with her. The one who supports and loves you through life’s ups and downs. The mother-figure who loves you unconditionally – and who is there for you no matter what.

Yet Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be reserved only for the woman who’s raised us, as it can also be a joyous day to celebrate the mother-figures who have inspired and shaped us as well.

These women can be your stepmother, godmother, a mentor, aunty, sister or best-friend – someone that simply continues to uplift you with some joie de vivre throughout your life’s journey.

This month at Blue Illusion, we invite you to celebrate your Maman in style with a précieux Blue Illusion gift, or with the whimsical collection of our featured French artist Nathalie Lété, who’s artistry elicits a love of nature, vintage objets, and an avant-garde aesthetic made with love.

A Gift for your Mother

Nathalie Lété Cotton Silk Robe

This Mother’s Day, let mum unwind with a cup of tea or glass of wine in this colourful and luxurious velour robe, crafted in collaboration with our favourite French artist Nathalie Lété. This limited-edition piece exclusive to Blue Illusion showcases an exclusive Parisian Map print with fun polka dot contrast lining - making mum feel très chic and stylish while taking time out for herself.

A Gift for your Stepmother

Nathalie Lété Ladies PJ Set

A second mother in every way, and a sounding board to lean on - let your stepmother be snug and warm in our mignon PJs. Crafted from organic cotton jersey in collaboration with French artist, Nathalie Lété, these PJs are exclusive to Blue Illusion and transport you to the city of lights featuring the lovely ‘Parisian Map’ print. Complete with a matching drawstring bag, these PJs make a gorgeous gifting item for your stepmum to cherish this Mother’s Day.

Nathalie Lété Ladies PJ Set, Nathalie Lété Silk Robe

A Gift for your Wife

Nathalie Lété Night Dress

A wife is the woman of the house. She cooks, cleans and raises her children like no one else can. So, gift the loving woman in your life this Mother’s Day with a fun and whimsical Nathalie Lété Night Dress to show her how much you care and how much you value her. Our exclusive organic cotton Nathalie Lété Night Dress is sure to bring some cosy romance and time-out to your other half and make her feel appreciated for everything she does. Team it with our Nathalie Lété Cotton Silk Robe and matching slippers for head-to-toe French charme!

A Gift for your Daughter

Nathalie Lété Slippers

This Mother’s Day, express your pride in your daughter's motherhood journey by gifting her with our much-loved Nathalie Lété Slippers - in a new Mint Rabbit design. Crafted in collaboration with Nathalie Lété, these warming, soft heeled slippers feature a comfortable cushioned sole and intricate embroidery detailing to finish off a stylish bedtime ensemble.

Nathalie Lété Night Dress, Nathalie Lété Slippers

A gift for your Sister

Nathalie Lété Cotton Silk Kimono

While a mother and a daughter have a special bond, sisters also share an incredibly special relationship. If you have a sister in your life, you both have shared life experiences that are unique to the both of you. You may even have a special bond that continues to change and grow through life - with continuous love and support of one another. To celebrate your relationship, show her how much you love and respect her as a mother with a fitting gift like our Nathalie Lété cotton silk kimono.

Fashioned in the exclusive Mint Rabbit print, this robe-style kimono is cut from a luxurious silk and cotton blend in a style that drapes délicatement around the body. Make bedtime a stylish affair with this exclusive piece for the cherished soeurs in your life.

A Gift for your Mother-figure

Cashmere Cable Knit

While mothers and daughters have special bonds, alternatively, you may have cultivated an irreplaceable connection with the figure maternelle in your life. The woman who you look up to. The one who has nurtured and guided you with every decision you have ever made – just like a real mother would - to help you grow and flourish into adulthood.

To celebrate this unique relationship, cherish la mère who cherishes you with our luxuriously warm & chic cable knitwear this Mother’s Day. Crafted from 100% cashmere, these two ultra-soft timeless knits have a natural stretch making them easy and comfortable to wear. Available in vibrant Royal Purple or a neutral Stone colour – to add some chic Française into her everyday life!

Nathalie Lété Cotton Silk Kimono, Cashmere Cable Knit

A Gift for your Grandmother

Multi Floral Wool Jumper

The grand matriarch of the family – known as grandma, nanna, or nan – makes sure you are always fed and watered, gives you respite by taking the grandkids at short notice, and gives you countless kisses before you leave her house. Celebrate your grand-mère this Mother’s Day with a super soft multi floral wool jumper. Exclusive to Blue Illusion, these gorgeous floral jumpers are crafted from 100% Australian Merino Wool featuring peonies over either a Green or Cream base. No doubt, your special Nan will love being gifted this snug and cosy jumpers this Mother’s Day.

A Gift for your Friend

Nathalie Lété Love Throw

A friend is always there for us when we need them most. They cheer for us when we celebrate the good times yet hold us up when life may seem otherwise. Which is why this Mother’s Day, gift ton meilleur ami with a chic and luxurious throw to add warmth to their tranquil space.

Multi Floral Wool Jumper, Nathalie Lété Throw

A Gift for your Godmother

Hummingbird Brooch

Whether it be a relative or friend of the family, a Godmother stands as a woman who serves a special role in your child’s life - as an advisor and role model for your child - to act as a positive influence on their life’s journey. Someone you can trust; a godmother is there to additionally support a family when they need it most. Which is why this Mother’s Day, gift a Godmother with le colibri, a beautiful Hummingbird Brooch that is an elegant addition to any jacketknit or cardigan. Featuring tones of Purple as well as sparkling glass stones, this Hummingbird brooch pairs especially well with our Merino Navy Wrap and represents the virtues of love and endless devotion.

A Gift for your Aunt

Blue Art Deco Candle

Celebrate the auntie in your life who treats you like un meilleur ami, sticks to you like a soul sister and shares her love like a mère only can. Let her know how much her presence in your life means to you by gifting her with a l’ Âme Romantique, a beautiful Côte Noire limited-edition candle. Using a natural blended Ecoluxe-wax combined with a lovely full-bodied arôme of Jamaican lime, cypress and crushed verbena leaves, this Lime Green fragranced candle evokes an era of sophistication and style.

Hummingbird Brooch, Blue Art Deco Candle

There are many women who can play the role of the maman in your life, and who have helped nurture you into the person you are today. If she has a heart-of-gold, and only wants the best for you, there is no doubt – that this Mother’s Day – she deserves a very special seat at your table.

To discover more perfect gifts for the maman in your life, or something to spoil yourself with, explore our gift guide now.


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