Blue Illusion are proud sponsors of this years Alliance Française French Film Festival.

Keep reading to follow Sophie Bertuch’s musings on the event.

We arrived at the marvellous Brighton Bay Palace Cinema as golden hour began. There was an excited buzz in the air as we picked up our tickets. The room was packed with a mix of Francophiles, film lovers and female friends alike!

The movie we were seeing: ’Two Tickets to Greece’ a breezily delightful tale of female camaraderie. Perfect for a Ladies’ Night event.

Frenchilicious' kitchen, a Melbourne caterer, provided delicious goodies for the event. I got a fig, crackers and cheese, apricot, and a mini quiche Lorraine, which was absolument délectable. I paired it with French wine. C’est parfait accompaniment to see a French film.

We entered the cinema and eagerly found our seats. The president of the Alliance Française gave a speech, welcoming us. Then the president of the festival spoke, giving us some insight into how the allure and culture of French film is always a good match in Melbourne, especially with all the Francophiles in the room.

Soon enough, the lights dimmed down all the way to darkness and then suddenly the Bengajean film appeared. It fit so well with the French film festival, and it was fabulous to see it come to life on the big screen, a perfect pairing - Blue Illusion and the French cinematic realm!

The main event, ’Two Tickets to Greece’ was an endearing tale of two women who were childhood friends. Long ago had planned to go on an adventure to Greece where they would visit a place they dreamed of after watching a movie as teens.

I won’t spoil the ending, but it is a happy one, which is unexpected for a lot of French films. I’m glad it ended that way, it felt like the story was wrapped up nicely with a ribbon tied into a bow, a lovely treat for the heart and mind.

After the film finished, the audience started clapping and there was a general feeling of appreciation for the event and an enjoyment of the movie within the whole cinema.

The lights slowly illuminated, and we were back to reality. We made our way out to the foyer and people were making their way out of the cinema complex. The Blue Illusion team stopped to get a photo by the movie poster, reviewing the film amongst ourselves as an enjoyable and fantastic event film.

We then said our goodbyes and made our way down the Palace Theatre stairs to the exit, where the warmth of the day was still present, but the sun had since set.

Ladies’ night was a big success and such a wonderful event!

If you haven’t been to the Alliance Française French Film Festival yet, you simply must! You will thank yourself for going!

Bisous x

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