What happens when a woman chooses to immerse herself in the opulence of 16th century moody florals and the vintage bohème glamour of French Pyjama dressing? Pure artful magic. As is the case with our newest fashion collaboration, courtesy of our favourite femmeChyka Keebaugh. Rounding out our month of April, we are thrilled to be launching our dramatic Chyka Keebaugh collection that celebrates Chyka’s passion for life, her love of flowers, and all things beautiful.

Our Inspiration for the Chyka collection

Ever art-inspired, our exclusive print design echoes the Dutch still-life paintings that popularised the Golden Age of European art – when the Dutch sought to express their unique cultural heritage. Their art de jour? The breeding of exotic flowers – the very objects which spoke of enriching trade explorations, cultural symbolism and their unique expertise of all things botanical – only available to the elite at the time. Paintings that spoke of grandeur, of opulence, extravagance and a dramatic black background - ensuring that the “signature objects gleam in the muted light of the foreground”.

Coinciding with the moody look of the fabric combined with pops of bright floral motifs (which, may we say, Chyka simply fell in love with) is the dramatic-yet-feminine vintage pyjama-style of this 3-piece ensemble, which has a history all its own. First –an ode to the classic smoking jacket and Silky Wide-legged pants worn in débonnaire smoking rooms strictly reserved for aristocratic males in centuries-old Europe; and later, in the early 20th century - becoming a French fashion trend by Poiret, a French couturier, who launched day-to-night pyjama styles for the bon vivants of Parisian society.

The Collection: Unmasked

This Chyka collection features a versatile ensemble that is dramatic, romantic and comfortable – where the art of the past meets the feminine sensibilities of the present. There is a sense of opulence in the pieces, using semi-shiny satin fabric, as well as cotton silk. This 3-piece collection consists of a Printed Smokey Satin jacketWide Leg Printed Pant and a detailed and drapey Printed Cotton Silk Blouse. Each can be worn separately; be mixed and matched with other pieces from our fashion and essential ranges; and can be perfectly paired with simple accessories - like our velvet clutch for example, or a simple pair of amethyst drop earrings.

Excited as we are? Let’s découvrir how you can add these effortless pyjama-as-outerwear pieces into your special occasion wardrobe!

The Chyka Printed Satin jacket

In a relaxed style echoing the European smoking rooms reserved for men of aristocratic lineage, comes our moody Dark Floral Printed Satin Jacket. Only this time, it comes with the empowered elegance of Chyka Keebaugh. This Smokey Satin Jacket has all the drama a woman can ask for - with a magnificent attention to detail. Wearable with a belt for some panache, or without a belt to resemble an art-inspired vintage kimono, this jacket includes a beaded trim, a classic shawl collar, and is fully lined through the bodice. Complete the set with our Chyka Wide Leg Printed Pant and black basic top or camisole, for an effortless, standout look.

The Chyka Printed Cotton Silk Blouse

Made of cotton silk fabric for a touch of luxuriousness with a natural feel, look no further than our Printed Cotton Silk Blouse. Part of our latest Chyka collaboration, this blouse’s bold print has rich and silky draping that you can tuck in or leave out, and a removable necktie for optional styling - whether tied in a French pussy-bow or wearing an open front neckline. For an elegant dramatic ensemble, pair this blouse with our Chyka Wide Leg Printed Pant to pack a dramatic punch, or with a pair of our black Bengajeans for dialed-down effortless style.

The Chyka Wide Leg Printed Pant

Super soft and comfortable, our dressy Wide Leg Printed Pant is the final pièce de résistance of our Chyka Collection. With an ode to 1920’s vintage glamour, and the sophistication and moodiness of a Dutch master’s painting, this Chyka Wide Leg Printed Pant gives off a flattering, balanced silhouette that will soon be on high rotation in your wardrobe. For an elegant dramatic ensemble, pair this pair of pants with a black basic top topped with The Chyka Satin Smoking Jacket; or for an even bolder statement - with The Chyka Printed Cotton Silk Blouse.

Bring a touch of artful elegance and vintage glamour back into your wardrobe, with our new Chyka Collection.