Take a short trip to Paris!

Exclusive to Bendigo Art Gallery, Paris: Impressions of Life 1880–1925 takes visitors on a journey through the lively and picturesque streets of historic Paris.

Georges Stein. Riders and teams, avenue du Bois (Cavaliers et attelages, avenue du Bois) c. 1900. oil on canvas. Musée Carnavalet. © CCO Paris Musées / Musée Carnavalet – Histoire de Paris.

The busy banks of the Seine, bustling marketplaces, grand boulevards, idyllic public gardens, and the heady atmosphere of bohemian Montmartre are brought to life in more than 170 works of art and artisan objects.

Jean Béraud, The Entrance to the 1889 Universal Exhibition (Entrée de l'exposition universelle de 1889) 1889, oil on wood. Musée Carnavalet. © CCO Paris Musées / Musée Carnavalet – Histoire de Paris

From the renowned collection of the Musée Carnavalet - History of Paris, the iconic museum of the history of Paris, this exhibition reflects on an effervescent period of great social change, urban development and artistic innovation which shaped modern Paris and continues to capture the global imagination.

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