Enchanté! Here at Blue Illusion, we have some great news! Did you know that our beloved Bengajean is a well-loved wardrobe staple here at Blue Illusion? It’s all thanks to its chic silhouette and comfortable feel. In fact, for decades - our Frenchie ladies have worn our Bengajeans with pride, allowing themselves to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies and in their skins. 

To celebrate the 10th year of our Bengajean on the French fashion tableau, and as your loyal conservateurs de style, we wish to present this Bengajean Collection style guide to you. It is full of style inspiration and know-how on how to create superbe French looks based around your pair of Bengajeans, and reintroduce you to the different Bengajean styles we have in-store for you too.  

Care to explore all the ways in which you can wear your Bengajean, no matter the season or occasion? To get the most wear out of our signature Bengajean®, let’s get started! 

What Makes our Bengajean® So Popular?

Have you ever fallen in love with a favourite pair of jeans because they bring you comfort and give you a certain je ne sais quoi about your personal style? A great pair of jeans are often treated like a second skin. Women simply live in them and become so attached to how these jeans make them feel on the inside out. 

Such is the case with our Blue Illusion Bengajean. 

Women around the world have fallen in love with our Bengajean thanks to its everlasting comfort and effortless ways to style it. Inspired by the streamlined silhouette of classic denim jeans, our Bengajean flatters every shape and size through its unique stretch fabrication and elasticated waistband. 

You’ll love the easy-to-pull-on design and flattering shaping, which celebrates the beauty of the female body in all its forms. And, because stretch denim is the thing only dreams are made of, you can wear them all day, every day - as they will keep their shape!

The 7/8 Length Bengajean®

When transeasonal weather comes upon us, our 7/8 length Bengajean pants are extremely suitable to pair with blouses, singlets, t-shirts, and - if the weather calls for it - cosy knits and ankle boots. You can even try our subtle blue-and-white striped Seersucker 7/8 Bengajeans too, for a more classic look. 

To celebrate the 10th year of our Bengajean, we’ve released a special birthday collection full of chic and comfy styles in fun fabrics. Pair them with an understated top and your favourite pair of espadrilles!

7/8 Bengajean Styles, Iconic fashion, wardrobe essential

The Full length Bengajean®

In autumn or winter, layer your full length Bengajeans with textured sweaters, knitted cardigans or even a printed wool scarf. Slip on some ankle boots, et voilà! While our team is inundated with positive reviews from customers, we’ll never forget this feedback from fashionista Iris Apfel, who declared our Bengajeans “the most comfortable jean.” Iris is a big fan of our denim Bengajean® and she styles them with the most fashion-forward tops and bold accessoires she favours from her éclectique wardrobe.

The Full Lenth Bengajean, Iconic style, wardrobe essential

The Skinny Leg Bengajean®

Ever wish to try on a skinny jean, but tend to shy away from it? Quite often, what our customers don’t realise at first about our Skinny Leg Bengajean, is that it provides a sleek silhouette without restricting movement, thanks to the unique stretch fabric we use. Let your personal style dictate your choices by opting for kitten-heels and a cute chemise with our Skinny Leg Bengajean for a night out on the town, or for fashion-forward look of avant-garde Francophile charme, consider our Velvet Skinny Leg Bengajeans.

The Skinny Leg Bengajean, Iconic style, wardrobe essential

The Slim Leg Bengajean®

Next up, is our Slim Leg Bengajean. Slimmer than straight legs, but not as skinny as our skinnies, our Slim leg Bengajeans are versatile enough to lend themselves to both chic and casual wardrobe choices. From day to night for instance, add a blazer and ballet flats for an office-appropriate outfit, and then change to a flirty top and heels if you’re heading out après heures for dinner or drinks.

The Slim Leg Bengajean, Iconic style, wardrobe essential

The Straight Leg Bengajean®

While skinny jeans have become a fashion staple, did you know there’s also a growing demand for straight-leg jeans that provide a more laid-back, fuss-free fit? Dress them up or down, or pair them with perfection - with seasonal blouses or something cosy from our essentials range. 

Straight Leg Bengajean, Iconic style, wardrobe essential

Bengajean® Shorts

When the weather heats up, team Blue Illusion’s Bengajean Short with your favourite tees and summery kaftans. With a comfy pull-on style, they’re a great option for summer - especially when teamed with our French linen and cotton styles. 

The Bengajean Shorts, Iconic style, wardrobe essential

Did you know? 

Bengajeans make for the most perfect travel jeans and shorts because they’re suitable for a range of different environments and climates. As part of our Good Earth Cotton® partnership, some of the above styles are also available in Good Earth Cotton®, the world’s only climate positive cotton.

Style Tips

When it comes to our beloved Bengajeans, we live by our three full-proof French styling tips…

Les Couleurs Neutrals

A neutral-toned base, such as black, white, or denim always provides a blank canvas for you to build your outfit around. So stick with a simple colour palette to start with, and pay close attention to mixing and matching these neutral undertones when you start choosing your accessories!

Bengajeans® Are Très Versatile

Care to team your Bengas with a t-shirt or tank? How about a casual white sneaker or sandals for some effortless, off-duty chic? When evening comes, simply pump up the volume by teaming the same pants with espadrilles and a bold shirt or blouse. And, don’t forget to add personality and punch to your nouveau vêtements with a statement bag, some sparkly bijoux, or even a hat.

Buy A Well-fitting Pair

Whether you are en vacances or out for sunday brunch, every French chic look has one thing in common: the perfect fit. While our Bengajeans are carefully designed to fit in all the right places and flatter every form and figure, it’s vital for you to find the right size using our size guide. Remember: you want your Bengajeans to fit firmly without being too tight, and you want to avoid oversizing due to the elastic nature of the fabric.

Need Some Style Advice?

Remember - you can book a one-on-one styling session with us for more personalised styling advice, or find your nearest store.

Shop Our Bengajean®

If you’ve not experienced it yet, give yourself the space to fall in love with our signature Bengajean®. And now that you know how to style these very versatile and féminin pair of jeans? It’s time to indulge in a shopping spree for this signature style staple, n'est ce pas? - to choose which pair of Bengajeans is best for you. 

Shop now and let our experienced style experts help you take your wardrobe to the next level and indulge in some authentic, Francophile style.