Discover ‘Days at the Castle’, a whimsical reimagining of the story behind our latest season, brought to life by Blue Illusion in collaboration with illustrator Nicole Onslow and animators Conor Donahue and Phoebe Jane Hart.

We're delighted to unveil a très mignon animation entitled ‘Journeés au Château’, inspired by our upcoming collections and the essence of French Château living.

Inspired by the bold dream of acquiring ones own piece of history, and faithfully restoring it while building community in the breath taking French countryside, our newest season is all about the French ‘Joie de Vivre’ - an art and act of seizing life and holding each moment dear.

Fashion illustrator Nicole Onslow, alongside animators Conor Donahue and Phoebe Jane Hart, together have joined forces to breathe life into our vision with a whimsical blend of artistry and elegance.

Each element of our Château animation intricately weaves the tale of every chapter in our forthcoming season. From Voyage au Château to The French Table to Bastille Day, each scene plays out in order of the collections we excitedly await to unveil as we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery into the world of châtelian living.

Watch our Château Life animation above now, and join us in toasting the enduring charm of Château life and the enchantment of French-inspired fashion.

Sante and Bon Voyage!

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