The styling expert shares tips on how to elevate each moment with Joie de Vivre.

With Château Season in full swing, exploring the dream of buying and renovating a French château, it’s the parfait occasion to reunite with home styling connoisseur and fellow Aussie Chyka Keebaugh. As we discuss our exciting new collaboration, Chyka shares simple and savvy tips on how to imbue your home with joy and beauty.

 “As we go into winter this year, it’s nice to have two beautiful shirts that you can dress up or down. My motto is that everything should have more than one life.” - Chyka Keebaugh

Chyka catches up with Indiana Guest, our Brand and Content Strategy Manager and the daughter of Blue Illusion’s founders, Donna and Danny Guest.

Indiana: Ten days ago, we got together for the campaign imagery for our gorgeous upcoming collection. Can you tell us a little bit about the collection?

Chyka: This year, we’ve made two very beautiful, very different shirts. we’re showing people how to wear something in multiple ways, whether with a skirt, jeans, a shirt, boots, or strappy sandals. Whatever it is, you can get a piece of clothing with many lives to it, which I love.

I also love that we shot the black shirt with wide-leg black velvet pants, which is a sophisticated way of dressing up that sort of top, but it would look really beautiful with jeans or something else as well.  

Indiana: This collection has a very sophisticated element.  Even if it’s just a day where you’re having someone over for a coffee, they can elevate that moment, and it’s beautiful. And I think all of your pieces do that. 

Chyka: I also love that I could give either one of those shirts to my 30-year-old daughter, and she would style them so differently than me, which tells me they’re pieces that are not just for one generation but for multiple.

They’re also trans-seasonal. You could wear them in Sydney at the moment, in winter with a long cardigan or trench coat, or overseas in London in the middle of May or June. I love that it’s a collection that’s not just for Winter or Summer; it’s for whenever.

Indiana: You could definitely wear it on a night out, too. I’m looking forward to wearing that black shirt out—with the earrings! Tell us about the earrings.  

Chyka: I’m obsessed with the earrings. I’ve been seeing such a trend with jewellery that’s quite clean, modern, and all about shapes. It’s a bit heavier, and not as fine as jewellery has been in the past. I think they’re just statement pieces on their own.

Imagine wearing a high-neck polo black jumper with just those earrings? They add such a statement straight away.

Indiana: They do! You know, I’ve loved hearing from design about the process of your collection. Peeking in and watching it evolve over the months was so much fun. I saw that big leopard and thought, “Ooo, this is a bit Dolce!” It’s got kind of a distinct European essence. So it feels fashionable, elevated, and gorgeous—which is so you. 

Chyka: You know, I feel like a lot of people feel like they need to dim their light as they get older. The older I get, the more I want to shine. So if these clothes can make a woman feel incredible or that she can dress them up and wear them out and have a special moment or a special occasion, that makes me so happy.

Building Joie de Vivre at Home

“I’m a massive believer that, in life, you should surround yourself with beautiful things. I’m not saying buy the most expensive art or decorative furniture; it's about making your house feel like it’s your home, so your personality shines as soon as someone walks into your space.” - Chyka Keebaugh

Indiana: We’ve come into Château Season, which is all about restoration, decoration, and living beautifully. You have your gorgeous book, Celebrate, about incorporating beauty in all of life’s moments and making everything special, so I would love to hear some of your advice on improving spaces to bring that sense of Joie de Vivre. Do you have some tips for our community? 

Chyka: For me, a home should look good, smell good, and sound good. So have a beautiful candle burning. Have a playlist that fits your vibe that day. 

I’m obsessed with fresh flowers. We’re at our apartment in Sydney, and I’ve already gone out to get some plants, lemons, and fresh basil. It’s those little things. It doesn't have to cost a fortune. But the fact that you have something in your home that smells wonderful, that’s seasonal, it changes the way you feel.

“It’s about little things that make you feel good, and everything should always be done just for you, not for everybody else.”

Indiana: I love that, absolutely. You’re inspiring me, I’m going to go and pick some lavender.

Chyka: That’s very French!

Chyka’s Favori French Spots in Melbourne

For those in the area craving a taste of France at home, here are her go-to spots: 

I have to say Lune. I love a Lune croissant.

I love L’Éntrecote; it’s one of my favourite places. Jason is so passionate about France as well. 

Chyka leaves us with one last piece of wisdom on how to imbue every day with exuberance and joie.

“Never leave your home without it looking as beautiful as possible so that when you get back at the end of the day, it feels special again. Learning which lamp to turn on, which candle to light, and how to arrange your blinds to create the most beautiful lighting—all those things are really special.”

Merci beaucoup, Chyka, for sharing your fabulous taste with us encore. Your expertise has truly elevated our collection, blending French inspired elegance with your unique glamour and charm. You’ve reminded us once again that luxury can be affordable and that we can all experience a touch of Parisian allure in our everyday lives. We’re so excited to share this beautiful collaboration with all of you. 

À bientôt!

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